Dear Classmates of the Great Class of 1988,

Even with our many class achievements, our connection to each other is what matters most; it is our core. Many of us were friends during our college years, and even more of us have become friends since graduation.  Through volunteering, I have particularly enjoyed getting to know ‘88s whom I hardly knew before.

The next chance to bring us all together in Hanover is our 30th reunion from Thursday, June 14th through Sunday, June 17th, 2018.  I hope you will join us.

Yes, we celebrate on our “true” 30th.  We resume clustering with the ‘89s and ‘90s for our 35th in 2022 – and we can resume fooling friends that we’re a year or two younger than we really are.

While our reunion dates are set, we have creative latitude with the event, as well as activities leading up to our 30th.

We’d LOVE to have more classmates involved:

  • Host or organize a local mini-reunion or a virtual reunion that would include ‘88s ‘round the girdled earth.  The sky’s the limit.
  • Participate in one of our three different virtual gatherings –
    • What’s fun about these is that you can join the fun and be at home wearing your jammies, be out exercising in the great outdoors or on the road. This spring we have an Oscar Pool, a March Madness pool and the ‘88th Day of the Year.
  • Get involved in our special mega 50th birthday celebration for ‘88s this fall, led by Margie Wallace Gibson, our VP of Community.
  • Serve as guest writers for the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine column.
  • Join our caring and compassion team, which is just getting started.
  • Be a part of our 30th reunion team –
    • make calls to rally the crowd, organize a fun run or other activity, or create an awesome reunion tent with lava lamps, bean bag chairs and other decorations.

Check this awesome new website or our private class Facebook page for the latest information.

And please drop me a line at president@dartmouth88.org

I wish everyone a great year and hope to see you in Hanover in 2018!

For Dartmouth,

Catherine Craighead Briggs

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