Alumni Class Notes – 1999

January The leaves are gone, the nights are longer, and Jackson, our one-year-old, is now walking, sending our two cats into fits of panic as he lurches around the house hot on their tails. Watching him learn is as wonderful as everyone said it would be, and even more exhausting than we’d been warned! Peter Ryan is back in the east after spending most of the last 10 years in Montana (he was back at Dartmouth from ‘92-‘94 while getting a PhD).

Alumni Class Notes – 1998

January Derek McDowell and his wife JuliAnne moved to Miami from Chicago in June to join H.I.G. Capital Management, a leveraged buyout group. Their son Alexander was recently joined by a new sister Claire Catherine. They leave behind their Chicago Dartmouth family: Charlie and Leah Wheelan, Ross and Heather Ampel, and John Harris. Derek was best man at James Savarese’s wedding to Mary Hunter. Groomsmen included Ross Ampel, Lance High, John Wilcox, Andy Axel, and Bob Sproull. Also in attendance: Harry Schimkat,

Alumni Class Notes – 1997

December Lots to report this month: Doug Brockway lives on a golf course in Columbia, MD with his wife Lisa (í88 grad of SUNY Binghamton) and their dog, Charlie. Doug and Lisa met when both worked at Salomon Brothers in New York City; Lisa is currently teaching children in Baltimore County. After graduating from Harvard Business School in 1994 (where John Scott was one of his sectionmates), Doug joined Alex. Brown in Baltimore, where he is an investment banker, providing merger &