30th Reunion

25th Reunion Picture

Class of ’88 at 2013 Reunion

Reunion Schedule

Everything you wanted to know about the reunion can be found in the final schedule.  Download a copy.

30th Reunion Program


(Hint:  The first page is one page wide and the remaining pages have two pages of information.  You may need to zoom out to see the full brochure.)

30th Reunion Organizers

Our fantabulous weekend was brought to you by:

Co-Chairs: Anne Chmielewski Kushwaha & Taylor Thomas
Treasurer: Alec Casey

Activities Chair: Steph Welsh Lewin

Catering Co-Chairs: Jane Grussing Lonnquist & Jodi Gould Monster

Crowd Co-Chairs: Regina Glocker & Lee Asher Prince

Registration Co-Chairs: Kendall Grigsby Carbone & Cari Lynel Jackson Lewis

“Ted Style Talks” Co-Chairs: Lee Asher Prince & Charles Wheelan

Memorial Service Chair: Mary Flounders Green

Beverage Committee: Todd Jackson, Alec Frisch & Peter Rutledge

Souvenirs Committee: Scott Marr & Barb Marr

Decorations Committee: Cherise Glick Bransfield & Kajy Rejaie Vicinelli

Dartmouth College Fund Head Agents: Danielle Green Barney, Richard “Stretch” Cloobeck & Tres Izzard


Reunion Team:  Adam Rabiner, Alex Daniels, Amanda Hanson, Andy Axel, Andy Dacy, Andy Lerner, Appie Owens Millsaps, Bill Bundy, Bill Kay, Bill Komaroff, Bob Victor, Bonnie Sard, Breena Holmes, Brett McDonald, Brian Duncan, Caitlin Hadtke, Chris Lena, Cindy Smith Wilson, Cuong Do, Darby Herms Rothpletz, David Downie, David Duckenfield, David Roth, Dorothy Price Hill, Doug Brockway, Elena Barr Baum, Elizabeth Keenan Thompson, Eric Freeman, Glory Lena, Gregg Brockway, Gregg Nourjian, Ish McLaughlin, Jay Henry, Jay Kleeman, Jennifer Arlin, Jere Mancini, Jim Bramson, Jim Shields, Joan Beth Daukas Brown, John Herrick, John Wilcox, Jonathan Danziger, Josh Stein, Julie Pelkan Glusker, Karen Walters, Larissa Roesch, Lisa Ellis, Liza Bowers, Luzmila “Luzi” Johnson Robinson, Lynn Currey Barclay, Michelle Stowe Ong, Modesta Levy-Groth, Oliver Jenkins, Paul Gorczyca, Pauline Brown, Rachel Dratch, Rich Schneider, Rick Hill, Robin Joy, Roger Tennent, Sam Braverman, Sandy Broadus, Sarah Jackson-Han, Tim Ambrose, Toby O’Connor, Tom Chiller, Tom Molnar, Tom Ward, Vicky Hansen