What is a Mini-Reunion?

A mini-reunion:
  • Is inclusive: mini-reunions must be open to all members of the class
    (possibly in a local city/area), and not an exclusive subset of the class
  • Brings classmates together for the main purpose of reuniting
  • Is anything from gathering at a local watering hole to cheering on a
    favorite sports team to attending a lecture by a visiting Dartmouth professor to enjoying family time at a park. Options are limitless!
  • Can include other classes, significant others, children and even pets.
  • Can be hosted by a classmate(s) or attendees can pay their own way. Some events are partially subsidized with class dues, with prior approval.
  • Is Fun!

Click here to read more about our D’88 mini-reunion policies and tips to make them successful.


’88 Mini-Reunion Team

Margie Wallace Gibson Is our VP of Community and oversees a team of ‘88s who are local mini-reunion chairs in 14 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, D.C., Denver, Hanover, Houston, L.A., Minneapolis, NYC, Portland (OR), San Francisco, and Seattle.

We’d love to have help in other areas such as London, Portland, ME and Alaska (yes!) so let Margie know if you’d like to get involved.  Her email is