Class Dues

Class Dues

Your annual Class Dues go a long way to help cover expenses associated with our class newsletter, planning and preparation for mini-reunions and reunions, class activities, class projects, and other expenses.  Class Dues are the only source of funding for alumni classes, and the money is invested back into Class activities, strengthening Class engagement and keeping us connected. By pitching in, you help improve activities for you and your classmates for the next year.

Class of 1988 Dues are $50 per year.  This amount has remained unchanged for the last 11 years.   Payment now covers the period through June 2019.

We’re happy to announce a special prepay incentive discount of…you guessed it…8%! Please consider prepaying your dues for the next 5 years for the special rate of $230! It’s a win-win for everyone — our class saves postage and paper on future mailings and you won’t be contacted about dues for the next 5 years.

Note: You can check below to see if you’ve already paid.

If you are not receiving class mailings, please update your address with the Alumni Office, (603) 646-2258.

Pay Online

The easiest way to pay your dues is to pay online.  Click on the orange button to the right in order to pay by credit card or PayPal.

Pay By Mail

Send a check payable to “Class of 1988” to:

Dartmouth 1988
Kim Fasolo-LoMonaco, Treasurer
6068 Blunt Alumni Center, Room 309
Hanover, NH 03755-3590

Thanks for your continued support!

Who has already paid this year?

Thanks to every class member who has paid their 2017-2018 dues!  (The following list is updated about every 90 days and is current as of September 30, 2018. If you’re not sure whether you’ve paid your dues or if you have any other question, feel free to contact Kim Fasolo-LoMonaco at


Those with asterisks by their names have paid their dues through June 30, 2023.


David B. Abraham

Susan Marshall Abraham

Robert K. Adachi

Jeffreys D. Albright, M.D.

Rebecca Wood Albright

Johan H. Andresen Jr.

Steven B. Berkow

Celia J. Bloomfield

Douglas L. Borden, Ph.D.

Kerry L. Borska*

Julia A. Bradley*

Cherise Glick Bransfield

Sam Braverman

Susan J. Breen*

Catherine Craighead Briggs*

Mark J. Brooks

Timothy A. Brooks

Pauline J. Brown

William Burke*

Cynthia A. Campbell

Kristin Ramstad Carlock

Jeffrey I. Carton

Kristin Marshall Cartwright

Alec Casey*

Victoria Woodin Chavey*

Katharine I. Ciric

Richard L. Cloobeck*

Susan Bayley Clough

Pamela A. Codispoti

Kathryn Shaw Collins*

Robert S. Combi

Barclay F. Corbus

Pamela Crandall

Elizabeth Cuervo Tilson, M.D.

Katherine A. Dawes

Gerard A. DeBiasi

Laura E. DeNardis, Ph.D.*

Thomas G. Dente

Cuong V. Do*

Kevin M. Downey

David A. Duckenfield

Michele M. Dupre

Lisa A. Ellis

Alison Fontaine Engel

Gonzalo Escajadillo

Valerie J. Fasolo, Esq.*

Kimberly Fasolo-LoMonaco*

Andrew D. Felder

Melinda Fenton-Smith

Brent P. Forester, M.D.

Michael L. Freidberg

Alexander Frisch*

Caitlin A. Hadtke Gagnon*

Daniel G. Gavitt

Jeffrey C. Gawel, M.D.

David E. Geithner

Marjorie Wallace Gibson*

David J. Girouard

Paul F. Gorczyca, D.D.S.*

Ronald E. Grant

Tricia Grant

Jeffrey D. Green, Ph.D.*

Mark A. Greenlee*

David R. Hamilton

Susie Hayes*

Allyn G. Heald

Jennifer Taylor Hendrick

Diana C. Hine*

David A. Hirsh, M.D.

Stephen D. Hochman

John A. Hommeyer Jr.

Amy Lafferty Hsieh

William C. Hsieh

Scott D. Huray

Geoffrey Hyatt*

Alexander E. Izzard III*

Kevan P. Jackson

Brian J. Janssen

Lee F. Johnston

Robin M. Kass, M.D.

Anne-Marie Weldon Keane*

John Dudley King III

Susan Colley Kistler

Carolyn Salsgiver Kobsa

Elizabeth Koldyke-Boolbol*

Thomas A. Kollmorgen, M.D.

Lauren Rosenthal Kropp

Sonja Kuftinec, Ph.D.

Anne C. Kushwaha, M.D.*

Bob Lantz

Jane E. G. Lonnquist

Christopher R. Ludwig

Major Cynthia Marshall*

Christine A. McElynn

Christopher J. McKenna

Aloysius T. McLaughlin, III

Julie E. Meadows

Elaine M. Michaud

Vincent P. Milaccio, III

Martin M. Mitchell, III, Ph.D.

John Richard Moffitt*

Christopher P. Moore, M.D.

Alan M. Moss*

Steven J. Nichols

Gregg Nourjian

Eric J. Olson

Michelle Stowe Ong, M.D.

John B. Osborn

James A. Ouellette, M.D.*

Kelly Aldrich Ouellette*

Rebecca Pascal

Joseph A. Peck

Joan M. Pepin

Kate Phillips

Terry M. Phillis, Jr., M.D.

Catherine de V. Rainey*

Moira A. RedCorn, D.O.

Christopher M. Redpath

John B. Replogle

Mark G. Retik

Susan R. Rheingold, M.D.*

Jonathan D. Risch*

Larissa Karen Roesch

Rick R. Rosania

Micah Gulick Rosenfield, M.D.

Scott A. Sabol*

Jolin M. Salazar-Kish, Ph.D.*

Shekhar S. Sane, M.D.*

James E. Savarese

Richard J. Schneider, Jr.

John M. Scott III

Michael J. Silberling

Kristin K. Snow, Sc.D.*

Joshua H. Stein

Russell A. Stevens

The Reverend Doctor Deborah Hannay Sunoo

Brian R. Swanson

Beverly Hagerdon Thakur

Lisa R. Thomas, M.D.

Taylor G. Thomas

Salvatore A. Tiano

Peter A. Trump*

Laura W. Turner, M.D.

Susan L. Urben, M.D.*

Peter A. Vorbrich

Anna C. Vouros, M.D.

Edward T. Waters, M.D.

Richard T. Watson Jr.

Caroline McKeldin Wayner

Bryan C. Weidner, M.D.*

Stephanie Welsch-Lewin*

Andrew R. Wilson*

Cynthia Smith Wilson

Laura W. Wilson

Kathryn B. Wiseman, M.D.*

Sturgis P. Woodberry

Peter S. Woolley*

Earnest W. Wotring

Rowland P. Wu, M.D.*

Stephanie P. F. Yen, M.D.

Julie A. Zahniser, Esq.*