Hosting a Class Mini Reunion

What is a Mini-Reunion?

A mini-reunion:

  • Is inclusive: mini-reunions must be open to all members of the class (possibly in a local city/area), and not an exclusive subset of the class
  • Is widely publicized in advance of the event
  • Brings classmates together for the main purpose of reuniting
  • Is Fun!
  • Can take place in multiple locations at the same time (e.g. class birthday, Homecoming)

Mini-Reunion ’88 Team

Margie Wallace Gibson Is our VP of Community and oversees a team of ‘88s who are local mini-reunion chairs in 14 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, CT, D.C., Denver, Hanover, Houston, L.A., Minneapolis, NYC, Portland, San Fran and Seattle. We’d love to have help in other areas so let Margie know if you’d like to get involved – her email is


Once you have decided upon an event, please email Margie Wallace Gibson at to get the most recent contact list. ‘88s are constantly on the move!

Less than 50% of our class is on Facebook so to reach everyone, all events should be either communicated via email (blind copy) and/or Evite. Sending both an email along with an evite is optimal.

Evites build community since people know who is attending and they help track attendees for your event.

Depending on the timing, the event can also be advertised in our electronic and paper newsletters and on the class website. Margie will know the deadlines for each of these publications and we can submit your event if the timing is right.

Funding Your Event

Our policy is:

  • to subsidize the cost of the event with a $10 per person contribution
  • to fund only one event per location per year
  • that organizers must get pre-approval for their event from Margie
  • that we will not pay for tickets to games/concerts/theater events or room rental fees

At the Event

Have fun! And please take photos and email them to Margie. She will be sure to pass them onto our newsletter editors and to the College.


You must submit receipts in order to be reimbursed. Please send your receipts to Jolin Salazar-Kish, our treasurer, at and copy Margie and our president, Catherine Craighead Briggs at Jolin will need the original copies but you can just send an email summary to Catherine and Margie. Jolin’s address is 8 Currier Place, Hanover, NH 03755

Best Practices to Follow

We have a diverse class and there are many different types of activities that can be successful. Whether you plan to gather at a local watering hole, have a potluck at someone’s home, or tag onto a President Hanlon event or visiting professor talk, you may design your event however you’d like.

Three important best practices for structuring your event:

(1)  We encourage and ask you to include at least 3 “co-hosts” for any event. The more ‘88s on the invitation the higher the chance that an invitee will know a familiar name. In some areas, the co-hosts may be alumni from other classes as well.

(2)  One event per year per area is optimal. A second event may make sense in larger cities – and where you can “tack” onto an existing event – e.g. President Hanlon coming to town.

(3)  The events should have a wide reach and be ones that capture the majority of classmates – we know from surveys (and experience validates) that most classmates prefer an event where they can stop by for a bit (e.g. meet at a bar/restaurant, potluck at someone’s home, etc.). If you want to attend a sporting event/show or go out of town and rent a house, then those events must be structured 100% as “pay your own way” and mini-reunion funds can’t be used.

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