Class President Message

Dear Class of 1988:

It’s so hard to believe that we’re almost 25 years post graduation!  When I saw so many of you at our 20th reunion, it seemed like just yesterday that we had graced The Green during sophomore summer and shared the trepidation of being freshman on the Hanover Plain. 
So many of you have not changed, and those of you who have changed are no doubt proud of whom you have become.  I have so many stories to share of reconnecting with old friends from our 20th, plus meeting people whom I hardly knew when we were students.  How surprised was I when those Beta football players finally told me I was so cool! Who knew a class officer geek like me could earn the respect of the football team all those years later.

The great class of 1988 is undergoing many changes as well. Many thanks to our amazing executive committee and our high powered DCF team for all the wonderful ’88 updates. Have you seen our new website? Of course you have, you’re here! 
Many thanks to Catherine Craighead Briggs for spearheading the website revamp and to Geoff Hyatt our webmaster for keeping it fresh! Please send in your picture and information about all the things going on in your life.  Submitting information is now as easy as sending an email!  You can send an email to any of us – simply go to the Class Officers page.  Or you can add a comment on our blog on the homepage.

Our class met this year in force for Class Officers Weekend in Hanover , October 1-3 to strategize for how to shatter the 25th reunion attendance records, the same way we did the 20th. With your help, we will! 
Please reach out and get involved in planning our 25th. There are roles of all sizes and types available so please get involved.  We are on campus from Thursday, June 13 through Sunday, June 16, 2013! Give me a call or send me an email to learn how to help. 

For the 25th reunion think about coming back to Hanover to share a story.  So many of our classmates are doing amazing things with their lives.  Sure, we have the requisite set of doctors, politicians, CEOs and lawyers, but we also have the most amazing set of educators, writers, artists, moms and folks who have stretched the boundaries of what we always thought it meant to make a life. 
I know I never thought I would spend my days doing the things I am doing, and although none of them are glamourous, some of them constantly surprise me with their power.  I know you all have similar stories to share.

See you in Hanover! With much anticipation,

Stephanie Welsch-Lewin
President, Class of 1988