Great Boston local reunion photos

The snowy wet weather doesn’t scare Dartmouth alums. 22 classmates gathered warm and happy in Boston on a Tuesday evening. It was a great evening. Thanks to Cherise and Doug for organizing.

Back row (L to R) Tim Brooks,Cathleen Davitt, Steve Ganis, Mike Sulllivan, Bob Fitzpatrick, Nick Nobili, Ken Lang, Rick Rosania, Geoffrey Hyatt, Quentin Cote, Ann Jackman, Russell Stevens, Doug Brockway. Front: Kathy Corbett Brooks, Will Jeffers, Kate Kellogg, Cherise Glick Bransfield, Catherine Craighead Briggs, Danielle Green Barney, Kate Haffner, Betsy McCooe Toomey, Aldo Nourjian
Aldo Nourjian, Nick Nobili and Rick Rosania
Ann Jackman, Geoffrey Hyatt and Aldo Nourjian
Bob Fitzgerald, Betsy McCooe Toomey, Nick Nobili and Russell Stevens
Will Jeffers and Tim Brooks
Betsy McCooe Toomey and Cherise Glick Bransfield
Betsy McCooe Toomey, Catherine Craighead Briggs, Danielle Green Barney and Kate Haffner
Bob Fitzpatrick, Ken Lang and Doug Brockway
Catherine Craighead Briggs and Cherise Glick Bransfield
Catherine Craighead Briggs, Cherise Glick Bransfield, Cathleen Davitt, Kate Haffner and Steve Ganis
Kathy Corbett Brooks, Cathleen Davitt, Steve Ganis, Mike Sullivan and Kate Kellogg
Nick Nobili and Russell Stevens
Quentin Cote and Russell Stevens