Newsletter: Thinking About Our 30th

One of the best parts of being the class webmaster is coming up with something to say about our class newsletter that isn’t actually news from the newsletter itself. I’ll come up with an idea and find a photo, or I’ll find a photo and latch on to a theme. This evening I was thinking about the passage of time as I read the February newsletter. Immediately, songs related to time popped into my head. (I’ll spare you the off key singing.) A few were melancholy – thinking of times past, wondering about lost friendships.  But none of the songs seemed to match the excitement that I know I feel about our upcoming reunion.  So I’ll just skip the idea of shoehorning a message into a particular thread and just say that it’s almost time for Reunion! I hope you’re as stoked as I am about this.

Ann Jackman’s latest newsletter has me ready to head up to Hanover to see old friends and to meet and get to know some others whom I happened to miss our first time around. You can read about activities that will be going on this June, along with reminiscences of FSP programs, mini-reunions, and other news from round the girdled earth.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Dartmouth in June!