Photos – CT/NY local reunion

What happens at ’88 local reunions stays there, mostly, but sometimes a few photos do get leaked….check out the ’88 and ’87 gathering in Stamford CT, and click the Read More link below for more pics.

Peter Kobsa ’87, Mary Flounders Green, Bill Bundy, Holly Bowen Lehman ’87, Catherine Craighead Briggs, Richard Cloobeck, Robin Kass, Lyn Salsgiver Kobsa, Nancy Lomazzo ’87, Tory Woodin Chavey, Alec Casey (John Steele ’87 not pictured)

’88s: Alec Casey, Lyn Salsgiver Kobsa, Bill Bundy, Tory Woodin Chavey, Robin Kass, Mary Flounders Green, Catherine Craighead Briggs, Richard Cloobeck

Nancy Lomazzo ’87, Peter Kobsa ’87, Holly Bohen Lehman

Mary Flounders Green, Richard Cloobeck, Bill Bundy

Mary Flounders Green, Tory Woodin Chavey, Richard Cloobeck, Robin Kass and Bill Bundy

Tory Woodin Chavey, Robin Kass, Catherine Craighead Briggs