Photos from SF local reunion 12/6

Another wonderful ’88 local reunion – this one on the west coast. We had a great turnout last Tuesday (12/6) at the “Le Terroir” wine bar, across the street from Dan Estabrook’s home.  See if you can recognize some of these classmates in the photos:
Catherine Craighead Briggs
Gregg Brockway
Dan Estabrook
Andy Felder
John Hommeyer
Robin Joy
Kanani Kauka
Mark Kelsey
Nicole Sakowitz**
Kristen Steck
**Nicole Sakowitz earns the “farthest” traveler award – she arrived too late for the group pic – but came from Malvern, PA!  She’s out visiting her brother and  knew about the SF reunion because of the post on Facebook!  This whole internet thing might be useful after all.

And the night beforehand several D’88 women gathered for dinner in San Fran at a restaurant owned by D’88 Dana Beard.  Left to right are Amanda Hanson, Sam Gutsch Toole, Lisa Bransten, Kristen Steck, Dana Beard, Kate Phillips and Catherine Craighead Briggs.