Raise a Glass!

After our 20th reunion we offered classmates a chance to pay class dues in advance right through to the next reunion, instead of paying each year. This is a great benefit to the class, as it allows us to have more certainty about our future income, less administrative hassle and costs, and of course it also cuts down on people who get too busy and forget to pay.

So a big toast to those who took advantage of this program (and saved themselves some hassle too):
Alec Casey
Marianne Downie
Geoffrey Hyatt
Cynthia Marshall
Tim Nevils
Derek Pew
Patrick Rutty
Jolin Salazar-Kish
Shekhar Sane
Stephanie Welsch-Lewin
Julie Zahniser
Douglas Standriff
Johnathan Altman
Bill Hsieh
Amy Lafferty Hsieh

We’ll almost certainly do this again after our big 25th reunion. The planning has already begun.