Your September newsletter is rolling your way

Hot off the presses, a copy of the latest ’88 newsletter is heading your way – whether by kayak, Pony Express, or drone – and will be hitting your mailbox this week.
If you’d like, you can download a full-color version of the newsletter to your device of choice by clicking here.  Among other things, you’ll find out how some of our classmates help others to stay healthy, fit, and competitive.
This is a big year for many of us as the odometer rolls over to 50-years-young.  Let your friends and classmates know how you’re celebrating your 50th.  Are you throwing a bash trying to relive Hanover days, complete with a band and a keg?  Have you found a new hobby (or mid-life crisis) to keep you busy?  Have you found the meaning of life?  If you want to spread your wisdom, happiness, or frivolity with the rest of the ’88s, contact our newsletter editors Ann Jackman or Julie Glusker, or our class correspondent, Jere Mancini.