In Memoriam

The Class of 1988 Memorial Tree is at the lower left.
The still North remembers them,
The hill-winds know their name,
And the granite of New Hampshire
Keeps the record of their fame.

Here we honor the memories of our beloved classmates no longer with us. They touched our lives deeply. We sorely miss them and they will remain forever in our hearts and in our minds.

Please feel free to add a personal remembrance in the comments below a tribute.

Elizabeth Erickson Alberti February 1, 1995
Peter Ambrose October 16, 2014
Karen Avenoso February 24, 1998
Jayne A. Meeks Clark January 4, 2005
Stacey J. Coverdale June 12, 1988
Jennifer L. Crary May 4, 1985
Carl DeBlois December 29, 2010
Cameron S. Fleming December 14, 2011
Barbara C. Gray April 5, 2004
Heather Van Blarcom Gumuchian July 13, 2012
Samantha Hankins March 2, 2017
Maia Hansen June 21, 2001
Bridget Marley Mahoney Jenkins December 30, 2014
Adam J. Lieberman June 27, 1997
Keith Alexander Nelson November 14, 1995
William C. Nicholas December 14, 1996
Omondi A. Obura April 30, 1989
Thomas J. Pollard October 27, 2012
Bryan Randall September 15, 2003
Bart Rickenbaugh March 24, 2002
Aileen D. Rigas* April 4, 2018
Jennifer Jean (Jena) Roy* June 13, 2016
Amy Elizabeth Smith Settle February 17, 2014
Craig R. Washa, Jr. February 16, 1988
Anita Hum Wong June 15, 2010
Rodney Wood August 31, 2016

*We are hoping to develop a personal memorial tribute for each of our classmates who have left us too soon. It’s our goal to have personal remembrances that go beyond basic biographic information, together with 2 or 3 photos. If you have a funny story, a favorite memory, or a picture of those ’88s with an asterisk next to their name we hope you will contribute them so that we may all better remember our friends and classmates. Please contact our class steward, Mary Flounders Green, our class correspondent, Jere Mancini, or our class webmaster, Bob Striker, in order to share your special memories.