Bridget Marley (Mahoney) Jenkins

Bridget Marley (Mahoney) Jenkins, 48, died peacefully December 30, 2014 at home in North Hampton, NH surrounded by her loving family after a long battle with ovarian cancer. At Dartmouth she majored in economics and sociology, and was the captain of the lacrosse team. She married D’88 John Jenkins in August 1992. She is survived by her loving husband, John, daughter, Marley, and son, John “Jack”, and many adoring family members.

An excerpt from Jenny Macleod Brook’s tribute, read at Bridget’s memorial service:

Bridget was always a leading athlete, at St. Paul’s she received the Loomis medal for best female athlete. At Dartmouth, she was First Team All-Ivy, All American; a leader on and off the field, captaining the lacrosse team her senior year.

Athletic prowess was not her only talent. She was smart. Graduating with honors as a double major, she was the first of her teammates to get a real job. While Bridget donned a business suit and brief case as a Financial Analyst in NYC, the rest of us were trying to figure out what to do with our lives.

Bridget3Yet all her well-deserved awards, titles and accolades paled in comparison to the person Bridget was: the truest friend many of us have ever known. Non-judgmental, sensitive and tolerant, Bridget’s honesty and love grounded us. She was always true to herself, and those around her. She suffered no fools, going straight to the heart of the matter. Once Bridget set her sights on something, nothing got in her way. She even chose the most upstanding guy on the Dartmouth campus as her husband. What an amazing love Bridget and Johnny shared …

The love and fun the Jenkins family shared by simply being together – completely free of pretense or condition – was a great gift. Through her two children, Bridget exemplified what all families yearn to be: Happy, kind, loving, and ready to change the world.

Bridget was diagnosed with cancer soon after our 25th reunion. Not surprisingly, she tackled the diagnosis with that same unrelenting courage, love and no-nonsense determination that defined her life. The most precious things we carry are our memories; what beautiful memories Bridget has gifted to us all: Bridget racing down the lacrosse field… Bridget paddle boarding… Bridget rolling her eyes at Johnny’s jokes… Bridget, arms outstretched, ready to give the next great hug.

Bridget with her mother, daughter Marley, and grandmother

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