Class Memorial Tree

Class Memorial Tree in front of Baker Library

The Class of 1988 is now fortunate to have a spot to call our own right in the middle of campus.  We have adopted a beautiful young maple tree on the Baker/Sanborn Lawn, adjacent to the main Sanborn entrance.  The Class of 1988 Memorial Tree serves a dual purpose: 1) it memorializes the Class of 1988 on campus, and 2) it gives the Class a beautiful place to gather in remembrance of classmates who have passed away.

A brass in-ground commemorative plaque that quotes from the Alma Mater (a verse sung only in times of war and loss) has been placed beside the tree:

Class of 1988
The still North remembers them,
The hill-winds know their name,
And the granite of New Hampshire
Keeps the record of their fame.

We now have a tree of life, to symbolize the indelible mark the Class of 1988 has made (and continues to make!) in the life of the College.  Our maple offers a spot of tranquility and respite, where we can remember our classmates—both alone and together as a class around our reunion rhythm.

Like so many worthwhile Class activities and projects, the Memorial Tree is funded through class dues. Please make sure you’re up to date on dues by checking here.

We invite you to visit the Class of 1988 Memorial Tree when you’re next in Hanover.  Maybe have a picnic there, or linger awhile to read a book.  Let’s fertilize the tree with good times and positive thoughts so it will carry the spirit of our class for a long time to come.  Snap a photo and send it to our newsletter editor so we can share it with the class!

Certificate of Excellence to our Class in Honor of our Memorial Tree