Jennifer Jean (Jena) Roy

Jena Roy - FB profile pictureJennifer (Jena) Jean Roy died peacefully at her home in Winchester, Massachusetts on June 13, 2016 at age 49. Jena’s kind spirit, the sparkle in her eye, and her positive attitude touched all who knew her.
Jena chose Dartmouth, her father’s alma mater, because of her love of the outdoors and her love of family. She was a member of the Dartmouth crew team, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and a friend to many. A graduate of Andover Newton Theological School, Jena served as an interfaith chaplain at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is survived by her two children, Max Roy Thompson and Madeline (Mimi) Roy Thompson and their father Marc Thompson D’87 (who Jena met in Wheeler dorm). Max graduated from University of Puget Sound in 2016 and Mimi graduated from Dartmouth in 2017.

Her friend and sorority sister, Yvonne (Yueh) Humphreys, remembers:

Jena was our classmate, sorority sister, confidante and friend. I’m sure those that knew Jena will connect with this image of her: a beauty with a charming smile and sun-kissed, full-bodied blond hair (with a bounce that was TV ad-worthy), forever exuding a level of warmth and approachability that only Jena could pull off—because she was authentic. She was humble; if you told her she was pretty, she would never believe it. She was beyond kind; but didn’t think she was any more so than anyone else. And she was smart without ever making others feel any less intelligent. She was simply one of the most gracious, gentle ladies I will ever know.

At Kappa Alpha Theta we all bonded over house meetings, meals, late night chats, parties and formals. After graduating, we roomed together with Becky Wood in NYC and learned to navigate the real world. Unfortunately, we all worked too hard to enjoy our downtime together. I regret not making more time; I had so much to learn from her.

Over the years, we lost touch, but I was grateful to connect with her again on Facebook. By then, she had left investment banking to become an ordained minister, a perfect vocation given her utter selflessness and kindness. She had started a family, and seemed oh-so-proud of her kids. She was never boastful, despite having every right to be.

I will never forget Jena’s warmth and soft demeanor, her humility, her love of life. She blessed us with her friendship, and she blesses me now with her memory. I feel lucky to have known her.

–Yvonne Yueh Humpheys and Jeanne Cochran