Your Class Newsletter – Fall 2019

Hopefully you’ve received your dead-tree edition of the latest class newsletter.  As you’ve probably seen, it’s full of the goings-on of our classmates as well as events for us throughout the fall. If, for some reason, you haven’t received it (or if you can’t bear to not have it on your device of choice), here’s a link to the electronic version. Feel free to drop Ann Jackman an email or a post card with your latest exciting news.

Your Class Newsletter – Volunteer Edition

If you ask me, one of the best things to come out of Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary celebration is the Call to Serve.  This initiative has a goal of achieving 250,000 hours of volunteer work in our neighborhoods, cities, and countries by the Dartmouth community.  Many ’88s have put in their own hard work to help achieve the goal. The June newsletter highlights the work of some of our classmates’ volunteer efforts.  You’ll also read about some of our classmates who are

Your Class Newsletter – Sestercentennial Edition

Who says Dartmouth can’t teach you anything after you’ve graduated? I picked up this nifty word that I’m sure I’ll be able to drop in to my conversation 2 or 3 times a week. While Dartmouth still fosters some learning in us all, our fearless newsletter editor, Ann Jackman, is here to tell us all sorts of things. She’s here with the latest edition of the newsletter and it is chock full of information that you’ll be

Your Class Newsletter – Post-Reunion Edition

If you made it to Hanover this past June, I hope you’ve been able to use some of your swag over the summer and that you’ve incorporated a little bit of Hanover into your daily life.  For those of you who could not make it back for our reunion, Ann Jackman has put a capsule summary together along with memories of the weekend from our classmates. Download your copy here.  [Links to other Reunion media will be added shortly.]

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Spring Newsletter – Reunion Preview Edition

I hope that it’s on your calendar – our 30th Reunion is less than a month away.  Come join us in Hanover from June 14 to June 17.  Ann Jackman has outdone herself and put together a blockbuster edition of our class newsletter to get you prepped (and psyched) for the weekend.  See her masterwork here.  Continued thanks to Ann for all of her hard work over the past 5 years for fun and timely news of our

Newsletter: Thinking About Our 30th

One of the best parts of being the class webmaster is coming up with something to say about our class newsletter that isn’t actually news from the newsletter itself. I’ll come up with an idea and find a photo, or I’ll find a photo and latch on to a theme. This evening I was thinking about the passage of time as I read the February newsletter. Immediately, songs related to time popped into my head. (I’ll spare you the

December Newsletter – Classic Connections

Hopefully you’ve received the hard copy of our Class’s newsletter put together by our fearless editor, Ann Jackman.  Inside, you’ll be able t0 read about a few of the many friendship groups that were forged during our years on and off the Hanover Plain.  If you didn’t receive your copy (and even if you did) here’s an electronic copy of the newsletter for you to download.  You can catch up on news of our classmates, and get the latest info