Class Newsletter – January 2016

No, your class webmaster isn’t above using a gratuitous picture of a cute dog to get your attention.  But if you download download the attached newsletter, you’ll be able to admire some of your classmates’ animal companions.  In addition, you’ll see some of the latest news about friends, acquaintances, and perhaps even that mysterious person who always sat across the way from you in the Reserve Corridor.  Plus you’ll be among the first to know about the

In Memoriam: Will Nicholas

The Washington Post printed the following obituary for Will on December 19, 1996: William Carter Nicholas, 30, a native Washingtonian who had been an aircraft flight instructor on the West Coast for the last six years, died Dec. 14 in an airplane crash.  According to the Mail Tribune newspaper in Medford, Ore., the crash occurred at Eagle Point, Ore., near the Ashland Airport, about 15 minutes into a flying lesson. A flight student in the aircraft parachuted to safety, but Mr.

Your September newsletter is rolling your way

Hot off the presses, a copy of the latest ’88 newsletter is heading your way – whether by kayak, Pony Express, or drone – and will be hitting your mailbox this week. If you’d like, you can download a full-color version of the newsletter to your device of choice by clicking here.  Among other things, you’ll find out how some of our classmates help others to stay healthy, fit, and competitive. This is a big year for many of us as

Your Spring 2015 Class Newsletter

Hello from the Hanover Green!  Hopefully spring has sprung where you are and the days are growing longer.  This spring’s class newsletter is online in living color .  The focus of this issue is service by our class members in honor of the College’s Alumni Day of Service.  Find out about your friends’ passions as you read about the various volunteer activities that we as a class perform ’round